Ranger Solar is a New England based solar energy company. Led by an experienced renewable energy team and veteran environmental specialists, the company is committed to working closely with landowners and communities to bring new investment and clean energy to the region.

Why Solar?

  • Solar power provides an unlimited and free source of fuel, making it a secure long-term component of our nation’s energy mix. In addition, the sun provides a predictable energy supply without the price volatility associated with fossil fuels. Solar PV also produces power during the day when demand is highest and is produced locally. This avoids the potential need for costly infrastructure to bring energy from other states or even countries.

  • Solar power is a clean energy source which lowers greenhouse gas emissions for New England states, and helps state governments meet renewable energy policy goals, while minimizing impacts to natural resources. Each New England state has an ambitious target for renewable energy procurement and utility-scale solar is the most efficient and cost effective way to meet these goals.

  • In addition, solar projects provide tax benefits for New England communities while not requiring any new services. This generates investment locally where the additional tax revenue to the local community can be used to invest in new roads, bridges, schools or to offset the existing tax rates. Solar also creates thousands of jobs in every state. Across the US, solar jobs are created at more than 12 times the rate of jobs in the economy as a whole, according to the Solar Foundation’s Solar Jobs Census.

  • The cost of solar has dropped by 73% since 2006 and in 2015 reached cost parity with natural gas in certain markets. Large scale solar can take advantage of economies of scale, which drives down its power price, making it the most cost effective form of solar available to utilities and energy consumers. Municipalities and large companies are increasingly seeing the value to buying solar power through long term power purchase agreements, acting as a hedge against volatile energy prices over the long term while reducing their carbon footprint.

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