Ranger Solar Press Release

October 11, 2016

Project will generate clean, affordable energy for the region; while spurring economic development and jobs on and around the former Air Force Base

Limestone, ME—Ranger Solar and Loring Development Authority jointly announced the execution of a lease paving the way for the region’s largest-to-date solar project. The agreement allows Ranger Solar, a Yarmouth, Maine based solar energy development company, to lease over 600 acres of land at Loring Commerce Centre, the site of the former Loring Air Force Base, for the purpose of operating a utility-scale solar energy project. At up to 100 megawatts (MW) in size, the project will be the largest solar energy facility in the state of Maine and the New England Region.

Loring, once the site of a Strategic Air Command Air Force Base, is now a multi-faceted business park. Loring Development Authority acquired nearly 3,800 acres from the Air Force following the base’s closure in 1994. The former base is an ideal site for solar because of the large tracts of open and previously developed land in close proximity to existing electrical and other support infrastructure. People familiar with Loring appreciate the immensity of the former Air Base. Even with more than six hundred acres now devoted to solar energy production, there are still several large tracts that can support future industrial development along with numerous smaller parcels suitable for general commercial, recreational and residential development.

Ranger Solar first approached the Loring Development Authority (LDA) in 2015, at which point the Board authorized LDA to enter into negotiations with Ranger Solar for the lease. Since then, LDA and Ranger Solar have worked to define the lease area, and reach agreement on the lease terms. The airport at Loring will join a growing number of airports that have seen solar panels installed in the compatible areas surrounding the runways.

Carl Flora, President & CEO of the LDA, commented that: “The LDA is excited to be working with Ranger Solar on the project; we have been consistently impressed with Ranger’s commitment to bringing solar to Northern Maine as well as their professionalism in working to achieve the objectives of the LDA and the region. Furthermore, the solar project will not conflict with potential future aeronautical uses, and will bring new economic development to the region.”

Aaron Svedlow, Director of Permitting for Ranger Solar, said “Ranger Solar is excited to bring clean, reliable, and affordable energy to the region. We have enjoyed working with Mr. Flora and the LDA Board. We feel this project is a great fit for Loring Commerce Centre as it will utilize previously-impacted lands and does not conflict with other uses of the property. We are grateful to the Loring Development Authority for their support and look forward to a strong partnership in bringing new economic development to Aroostook County.”


Ranger Solar is a New England based solar energy company. Led by an experienced renewable energy team and veteran environmental specialists, the company is committed to working closely with landowners and communities to bring new investment and clean energy to the region.


The Loring Development Authority was created by the State of Maine to acquire and redevelop the former Loring Air Force Base following its closure in 1994. LDA’s mission is to reutilize the real estate assets to help create jobs and economic activity.